Why we are here

Helping the retired, elderly, disabled, and our veterans using skills acquired throughout life, training, and hobby experience. Specializing in "filling the need" between "Professional Contractor" and "Do It Yourself (DIY)".

How we got here

During my 3 years of visiting my mom on holiday's and random weekends, I saw a real need in the 55+ community that she lives in. The builder put air filters in the 9' ceilings!! Some of these residents are using walkers or have lost some abilities for whatever reason. You don't need to call a contractor to replace a light bulb, filters, or batteries!! BUT... You don't need to be trying to climb a ladder, balance, and juggling parts either. Who takes care of those things in a world where many families are spread out all over the country and some even the world?

Meet the Team

While yes it's true... I do manage to do a lot, I can't do it all alone. From time-to-time my mom will step in to help out as well as a friend and neighbor from across the street.


Jasmine Reidenbach

Brains of the operation

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Sandy Mann

Best Mom EVER!!

With a lifetime of experience working in business, Sandy has been a HUGE supporter, creative input, and a saving grace. Truly an asset to the team. She is an artist who loves painting pet portraits and writes a column in the community magazine called the "Pet Corner."


Bob Hayes

Hired Muscle

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Next Steps...

I'm honest and know my limits, consider it a game if you will... got a chore/task/repair needed? Just ask Jazzy! I'll do my best to make sure you get your issues solved.